If you follow me on facebook (or twitter), you may have noticed I was pretty whiny this week. On Tuesday, I got my first ever yoga injury. Which is pretty significant when you factor in how long I’ve been practicing yoga. Ten Years. (I’m a little freaked out by how old I’ve become).

Now, don’t mistake me, I’ve had pulled muscles before, but nothing like this. I was prepping for bird of paradise pose by threading one arm through my legs and being the other around my back to grab it and then rotating my torso upward when my left hip popped. My hips pop fairly often, not in a painful way just in a poppy way, but… this was different. I didn’t hear this pop, so much as I felt it. I don’t know much about getting injured, but that seems bad.

I immediately got out of the pose and did a few exploratory stretches. I ended up mostly finishing my practice (by omitting the standing forward bends). Per my normal m.o., I didn’t go to the doctor, so I don’t know what I actually did.  But it did hurt to walk for a couple of days, especially up and down stairs, and it still hurts when I’ve been sitting for a while.  I like to think I’ve had such a quick recovery because I stopped running (but not exercising) and took it easy on the yoga for a few days.

The moral of this story is…. well I don’t know. I guess it’s that eventually you’re going to hurt yourself and when that happens, slow down and let yourself heal.


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