Oh. My. God. I’m a hipster.

I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis for a couple of months. I thought it was possible that I might be a hipster. The signs were all there: my love of leggings, becoming a vegetarian,  my pixie cut, my love of organic shade-grown coffee, the fact that I have a blog, and the allure of black jeggings that I have no place to wear. I worried about this pretty seriously for a couple of months. Maybe for some people being a hipster isn’t that big of a deal, but I make fun of hipsters on a pretty regular basis (as do most people–check out this cracked.com post). So, the possibility that I might be one was pretty distressing. But a few months ago I decided, in true hipster fashion, that it didn’t matter because “labels” are dumb and I just stopped thinking/worrying about it.


I had lunch today.

Scene: A pretty normal day. A friend, J, and I were waiting for a conference call to start and I was eating a very late lunch in her office.

J: What’s for lunch?

Me: Toast, nutella, yogurt with granola, and a pepsi.

J: Sounds good.

Me: This might be the most hipster meal  I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.

J: …Nutella and toast is pretty hipster-ey.

Me: Yeah… It’s toast made from homemade bread with organic nutella.

J: Oh.

Me: And it’s a pepsi throwback.

J: ….

Me: And the granola in my yogurt is homemade. With agave nectar.

J: Agave nectar?Wow.

Me: I’m a hipster, aren’t I?’

J: The only way this could be worse is if you made the yogurt yourself.

And it gets worse.

I’ve actually been toying with the idea of making homemade yogurt. For reals.


Practice at Home

I know I’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again: Having a home yoga practice is hard.

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and I have never, repeat never, had a steady practice at home. The closest I’ve ever come is when I first started practicing with my Denise Austen video and a towel for a mat. That lasted about 6 months until I went to college and started going to group yoga classes at the Wellness Center.

Well, I’ve recently began trying, once again, to establish the illusive home practice. With a job that require long hours at the office, its hard to make it to class on time. So I did a little online research and decided to give yogatoday.com a try. It’s 10 bucks for a month of unlimited streaming and the classes have been pretty good. If you’re interested in a 2-week free trial, shoot me an email at marthaisbliss@gmail.com with “I love free yoga!” in the subject line–I’ll send you the link and the password you need.*

*I’m not actually sure how this works, but yogatoday tells me it does. Somehow. 

Anyway, so I’ve got a Yoga Today membership and I’m trying the at home practice thing. It’s going pretty well. I’m averaging about 3 classes per week. 3 times a weeks is actually really well considering my injury. Which brings me to the downside of the home practice. I got my injury while I was doing this class, Bird of Paradise: Part One. The bad part about a home practice is that there is no one there to correct your alignment. I don’t think my alignment was off in this case, though. I think in the case of my injury, I just went beyond the edge of my flexibility.

After about 6 weeks of home practice, here are my four tips:

1. Make a home for your practice. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to be comfortable and free of distractions.

2. Know your level. If you’re a beginner, don’t try to do complicated poses–it’s discouraging. Stick to the basics.

3. Know your boundaries. There’s a difference between stretch and pain. Learn it and don’t go into pain.

4. Make time. You’re going to be tired and feel like you don’t have time–ignore this impulse and make time.

If you have a regular home practice, please let me know any of tips.

In other news, apparently I blogged yesterday. I love how I forget that I schedule things to post. If you missed it, give it a read and then give me your thoughts on meditation.

Meditations on Meditation

I think I may have mentioned this before, but me and mediation are not best friends. In fact, I hate it a little.  This post from the Eco Yogini, reminded me of that this morning.

I generally have a lot of nervous energy. I’m not sure if this is a result of my chosen profession, a result of being extremely busy for the last 10 years of my life (college, law school, bar exam), or maybe it’s just me. Point is, whenever I try to meditate I get antsy. I’m getting better at it, but it’s still really hard.

Because of my generally antsy nature, the most meditative times that I have are during intense (read: lots of flow and movement) yoga practices. I think it’s completly possible to have a fulfilling yoga practice without meditation, but sometimes, on days when I’m feeling really tired, yucky, and disconnected meditation feels right. When those days come (about once a month or so), I either take a yoga class that I know will include a guided meditation or I google “guided meditation audio” and do one at home.

I have to admit, even though I really really dislike meditation, there are times when trying it feels really great. So maybe give it a try next time you’re feeling down.

Me demonstrating a kundalini meditation technique… bear dog’s ear on the right side of my head

Taking Shelter


Me and the bear dogs not taking any chances.

P.S. I cleaned put my closet for this if you can believe it.

EDIT:  In case you weren’t following my live tweeting of the storm that just hit Lexington, I was hiding in my closet with the dogs while the Hubby stood outside and took pics of the tornadoes… I’ll try to arrange for pics of that later.  We’re all okay now, by the way.

Earth Week: Eco-Entertainment

This is my last Earth Week post. Sad times.

I came across this article today: Top 10 eco-movies for kids.  This was pretty exciting for me because as  I’ve mentioned this at least one other time, I LOVE kids movies. I think they’re hilarious and otherwise awesome!

Of course, I got even more excited when I saw my most favorite movie as a kid had made the list: Fern Gully! If you didn’t see this, you really missed out. But if you did see Avatar, you basically saw the non-animated 3d version of Fern Gully with aliens.

Other awesome movies made the list too; Wall-E, Bambi, Finding Nemo, Free Willy, and Furry Vengeance.   Normally, I’m not a huge fan of kids and TV, due to my love of reading and otherwise being a nerd, but I like it when “entertainment” also teaches kids about being eco-friendly. Of course, I liked all these movies (except Furry Vengence–what is that anyway?) for reasons other than eco-value, but the protect the environment message is an added bonus.

I would love to continue this… but apparently I’m under a tornado warning and should take shelter.Wish me luck!

Earth Week: Happy Earth Day!

It’s finally here. Earth Day! Yay!

I’ve always been a fan of Earth Day. When I was a kid, it was the day/week when our school projects focused on conservation, recycling, and community clean-up. I mean actual community clean up. This was the time of year when we made it a point to clean up all the trash that had collected around the community throughout the year. As I got older, it became less about learning about saving the environment and a bit more commercial. It wasn’t until college that I started volunteering for community clean up projects again. I’m not entirely sure why I enjoy picking up litter so much, but it just makes me feel really awesome.

Lately, while I still love Earth Day and the focus it puts on the environment, it seems a little commercial. There’s all the Earth Day deals, like free coffee at Starbucks. Disillusionment with Earth Day has been all over my twitter feed (follow me!) and one of my favorite blogs, The Green Phone Booth, also posted about this topic.

So all this made me think: Is Earth Day overrated? Does it still serve it’s purpose of drawing attention to our environmental issues? And, most importantly, do I sound like Carrie Bradshaw right now? Cause I’m not really okay with that.

Earth Week: Office Gardening


First of all, BIG thanks to all the new people who visited the blog in the last couple of days. More people visited yesterday than any other day in the history of this blog. Welcome new readers, I hope you enjoy it!

And now, a brief look into my foray into having an office garden. And how it is unexpectedly going very badly.

I like nature and I’ve always enjoyed growing things. I think I might be the only 7 year old in history who had her own rose garden and loved it so much I asked for new rose plants and gardening paraphernalia as presents.  Naturally, when I got my first my-girl job and my first real office one of the first things I did was buy myself some live plants for my office. At first, when I worked for the judge, I only had a couple. When I started my current job, I got a bigger office and more windows, so I got more plants. Over the last year I’ve accumulated 4 more office plants to “liven” up my office. And it was going pretty well….

20110420-023347.jpgA partial view of my office garden

Back in November my grandmother passed away. I was out of the office for the better part of a week and when I came back my office garden was a little wilted, but nothing a little TLC wouldn’t fix. And then I got a delivery from 1800Flowers. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and soon-to-be brother-in-law, sent me a sympathy bonsai holly bush. I. was. stoked. It was super cute! But as the months passed, it seemed less and less… alive. No matter how much I watered it (or how little) or how much miracle grow I put on it, it kept withering.  Eventually, I accepted that it was dead (and it was really really really dead, people) and that I had failed.Last week I took my dead bonsai home.

The rest of my garden and the bonsai’s former home

So now I’m in the market for a new bonsai, but they are surprisingly hard to find. If anyone knows where I can get one in Lexington let me know.

What was the point of this again?

Oh yeah! Indoor air quality.

I read somewhere (I promise it was a reputable source) at some point (semi-recently) that in most normal homes the air quality indoors is worse than the air outside and that having indoor plants can help filter the air and make it healthier. You might be wondering what sort’s of pollutants are possibly in your home. According to the EPA it could be anything from radon and  carbon monoxide to VOC’s and mold. Of course all of this can make you pretty sick, so you want to try to improve the air quality as much as possible. House plants won’t solve all your problems, but they do help.

Added bonus: house plants also make things more lively!