Not-So-Secret Confession Time

I think this is something everyone already knows about me, but here it is… I love love love bad movies. And not just any bad movies,  bad sci-fi movies. Particularly bad disaster movies, but I’m willing to settle for anything involving mutated or genetically modified animals.

I’m currently watching one of my favorites “Day After Tomorrow.”  I think it’s particularly fitting considering the state of our environment lately. You know, what with the massive floods in Australia and all the mass animal deaths. As you might expect, I’ve been pretty freaked out about this, especially the Aflockalypse (that’s the twitter hastage, I think it’s hilarious!).

Luckily, I have a lot of disaster movie experience to aid me in times of an apocalypse. I know most people haven’t watched as many crappy sci-fi movies as I have, so allow me to share.

First, avoid large cities. That’s where most of the destruction will occur.

Second, find a group of people you can trust. Don’t allow creepy loners into the group–they’re probably behind the apocalyptic event or are otherwise evil.

Third, find a pretty remote location and look yourself into a secure location with lots of food and water. This is crucial: Make sure that you’re alone in the remote location before locking yourself in–too many times dangerous genetically modified animals are lurking in dark corners.

Fourth, for the love of God, do not, I repeat, do not venture out alone. Going anywhere alone, especially in the dark, is basically a suicide mission.

Fifth, be a cute girl; you’re guaranteed to survive until the sequel.


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