Restorative Yoga

Yesterday, I attended a restorative yoga workshop taught by one of my favorite teachers at Barefoot Works. The best part of it was that my mom and sister also attended. I’ve been trying to get them to do some yoga with me for a long time and finally it happened. I think they enjoyed. My sister more than my mom, but it was a great experience. I learned that my mom is super stressed and really really needs yoga more. I learned that my sister is pretty good at adapting (yoga at 6 months pregnant is complicated) and needs more sleep.

While it was awesome spending time with my mom and sister and doing yoga, the best part was the intent.  At the beginning we were asked to write our thoughts about the holidays and then to write an intention. Let’s just say my thoughts were not awesome. In fact they were terrible. And after thinking about it a lot, I’ve decided to change things. There’s no reason for the holidays to be a stressful for me as they are. I like Christmas. A lot. And I always have. But in the last few years, that has changed and the holidays have not been fun. They’ve been horribly stressful and full of obligations.

More on all this later. For now, lets just say I realized that the reason the holidays are so stressful is because I’m letting them be so stressful.


So that’s why…

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, so I was intrigued when I say this headline “Do Intelligent People Drink More?”.

Apparently, yes. Yes, we do. The reason, so says the article, is that intelligent people crave novelty. By which I assume they mean “new experiences” and not “cheap kitschy tchotchkes.” Anyway interesting excuse for drinking article.