Why? Just… why?

There’s something that’s been bugging me for a few months now. I’ve been thinking it would just stop or stop bothering me at least, but it hasn’t. So, now I’m going to blog my feelings about it. Let’s call it an open letter.


To the parents who drive their kids to the end of the street to meet the school bus and sit with their cars running for an hour:

Why? Not only do we live in a city, but the bus comes at the same time every day. It comes at 7:55. I know this because I walk my dogs every day at that time and that’s when your kids are climbing out of your car and into the bus. But, somehow, you don’t seem to know this. Because you drive your kids half a block to the end of the street every day at 6:15. I know this because I also walk my dogs every day at that time and there you are. Has it ever occurred to you that your kid is safe 1/2 block from your home in a group of 13 other children and that you’re probably embarrassing them by driving and waiting with them every single day? Or, has it never crossed your mind that you could just take your kid to school?I’m sure that you would save money on gas (because I know that idling for over an hour each day can’t be economical) and you would spend less time in the car.

So, assuming that you aren’t idiot (I know, I shouldn’t assume), why? Why do you keep doing this thing every. single. day? Just… why?


Yes, I know it shouldn’t bother me. But this really does. Maybe its because I love love love sleep and it seems stupid to me to wait for more than an hour for a bus when you could be at home sleeping for most of that time.Or maybe it’s because I don’t see the point in driving half a block. If you really want to wait for the bus with your kid, walk. Seriously, it’s not that far.

Anyway… I think that’s all out of my system now. Have a great Monday!




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