Why my boss is awesome

Scene: Random Wednesday at Noon, Firm Thanksgiving Dinner

Me to person sitting to my left: Are you going out of town for Thanksgiving? (Don’t judge me! Small talk is a good way to start a real conversation.)

Boss (from across the room): The Syrah is open! Who wants a glass of Syrah? Or a white? Martha*?

Me: No thanks. I can’t drink while I’m on antibiotics.

crickets and an incredulous stare

Boss: At all? Or just like 2 hours after taking them?

Me: At all.

crickets, incredulous stare, dropped jaw

Boss: I think I’d rather stay sick.

This is why I love my job. This may also be why attorneys have a high rate of alcoholism.

*Please note I was the first name called out. This is probably due to my general unwillingness to allow wine to go un-drank.


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