Why? Just… why?

There’s something that’s been bugging me for a few months now. I’ve been thinking it would just stop or stop bothering me at least, but it hasn’t. So, now I’m going to blog my feelings about it. Let’s call it an open letter.


To the parents who drive their kids to the end of the street to meet the school bus and sit with their cars running for an hour:

Why? Not only do we live in a city, but the bus comes at the same time every day. It comes at 7:55. I know this because I walk my dogs every day at that time and that’s when your kids are climbing out of your car and into the bus. But, somehow, you don’t seem to know this. Because you drive your kids half a block to the end of the street every day at 6:15. I know this because I also walk my dogs every day at that time and there you are. Has it ever occurred to you that your kid is safe 1/2 block from your home in a group of 13 other children and that you’re probably embarrassing them by driving and waiting with them every single day? Or, has it never crossed your mind that you could just take your kid to school?I’m sure that you would save money on gas (because I know that idling for over an hour each day can’t be economical) and you would spend less time in the car.

So, assuming that you aren’t idiot (I know, I shouldn’t assume), why? Why do you keep doing this thing every. single. day? Just… why?


Yes, I know it shouldn’t bother me. But this really does. Maybe its because I love love love sleep and it seems stupid to me to wait for more than an hour for a bus when you could be at home sleeping for most of that time.Or maybe it’s because I don’t see the point in driving half a block. If you really want to wait for the bus with your kid, walk. Seriously, it’s not that far.

Anyway… I think that’s all out of my system now. Have a great Monday!




Why my boss is awesome

Scene: Random Wednesday at Noon, Firm Thanksgiving Dinner

Me to person sitting to my left: Are you going out of town for Thanksgiving? (Don’t judge me! Small talk is a good way to start a real conversation.)

Boss (from across the room): The Syrah is open! Who wants a glass of Syrah? Or a white? Martha*?

Me: No thanks. I can’t drink while I’m on antibiotics.

crickets and an incredulous stare

Boss: At all? Or just like 2 hours after taking them?

Me: At all.

crickets, incredulous stare, dropped jaw

Boss: I think I’d rather stay sick.

This is why I love my job. This may also be why attorneys have a high rate of alcoholism.

*Please note I was the first name called out. This is probably due to my general unwillingness to allow wine to go un-drank.

It’s November

When did that happen?

I’ve been very busy for the last three weeks or so. Apparently, I’ve been sooo busy that I didn’t even notice it was November. This morning I got up, hung out in my living room drinking coffee, turned on the computer and ran across a blod post written on November 13th. When I saw it I thought “November 13th?!?! WTF?” Then I realized that not only is it November, it’s the middle of November.

How did I make it almost through an entire month month without realizing it? Life got busy and I stopped paying attention. And that is starting to wear on me. I can feel myself becoming grouchy with others and losing my patience. I feel that I need to rest and recharge.

So that’s what I’ve been trying to do for the last 24 hours. I spent all day yesterday brunching, cleaning (switching seasonal clothes is always a little like Christmas for me), running with the dogs, and knitting.

Unfortunately, my rest and relaxation is over for a few days. I have to work today to prepare for a very big hearing tomorrow. Being a lawyer sometimes sucks.

I’ll leave you with these pics of my knitting works in progress:

Changing Tides

You must know that you can swim through every change of tide.

It’s been a hard day. So when I was brewing my echinacea tea tonight, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very apt tea tag quote.  Today was one of those days that just leaves you wondering whether you’ll actually make it through with yourself intact. So to read that was just a reminder to me that strength of character and good friends will get you through anything.

Well said.

I have another post to link you to today. I know I’ve been doing this a lot a lately, and I apologize, but it will probably happen for a while. My life is pretty hectic for the next few weeks: Work is busy, Thanksgiving is coming up, both my grandparents are not doing well, and I have christmas knitting going on (don’t worry they’ll be some posts about that). I’ll be back with some real posts soon. Promise.

Anyway, today I’m linking you over to The Green Phone Booth. The post is about how Canadians are more environmentally friendly than Americans, but that’s not really the point I like about the post. What’s really great about this post is the discussion of lifestyle differences. And by that I mean the reduced focus on driving and matters of the wallet.


Sad Days

For those of you who follow me on twitter (and you all should)  or are my facebook friends, you know that my grandmother is not well. What you may not know is that she has Alzheimer’s disease, which is a terrible disease with no known cause.

I don’t have the emotional fortitude or time to do a proper post today, so I’m going to link you guys over to a post I came across this morning on The New Diet Challenge. The post is a list of the top 5 things you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s (these are all tips I’ve read on other sites, but this is a particularly good list), so it was particularly fitting that I found it this morning.

i know I post links to things pretty often and usually I don’t really care if you check them out or not, but seriously this is a terrible disease and anything you can do to help prevent it is good. So click on over and read Stacy’s tips.