Starbucks should pay me

I know I talk about Starbucks a lot. Like, so much, that you’re probably wondering if they pay me. They don’t. But they probably should.

Anyway, here’s my Starbucks money saving tip of the day: Take your own to-go cup. I found out this morning that taking your own cup knocks 10 cents off the final price. Not a lot, but if you go a lot it adds up. There’s also the feel-good factor of not creating more waste with a disposable cup. This is how it works: you order your drink and when they ask what size hand them your cup. The clerk (I refuse to say barista-I think its a stupid title) then looks at the oz size of your cup and charges/makes your drink according to that.

It’s simple and it saves money. What’s not to like?

Oh, if you’re wondering what ever happened to me giving up caffeine, that’s still a go. I’ve cut back pretty dramatically and all the drinks I get at Starbucks are half-caff.



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