What is happening in Kentucky?!?

What a crazy day it’s been here in KY. Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, woman getting stomped. Well that last one was actually last night, but it’s blown up today.

In case you didn’t hear, at a senatorial debate last night some volunteer from moveon.org tried to give Rand Paul some fake award. Rand Paul’s supporters pulled her away and held her on the ground. And then, one of them STOMPED on her head/neck area.

Crazy right? And I mean that on the part of everyone involved–the woman shouldn’t have tried to force her way to the candidate (I can see why there would be legitimate concern about that)–but it’s mostly directed at Stompy McStomperson.  Who does that? There was no need for any force; if this lady was a threat, she had already been neutralized. She was being held on the ground and police were being called.

The worst part of the whole situation is that there are some nut jobs out there saying that she deserved to be treated like that. People are using this to spread animosity between liberals and conservatives, as if there wasn’t enough already. The whole situation makes me sick. Literally, I was actually nauseated after I watched the video. You should watch the video if you haven’t, by the way. Click here.

Please note while I don’t like Rand Paul’s politics even a little, I don’t think this inicident should be used against him in any way. I mean, unless some evidence comes out that connects him to the incident there’s no reason to blame him.

Anyway, the weather has been crazy here too. The temperature dropped 20 degrees in about, 15 minutes and I thought my front door was going to blow in a few minutes ago. Oh, and, to the local weather guy, calling your daughter’s school while on air to tell them to take shelter immediately isn’t a good way to keep viewers close to that school calm. Just a bit of advice.



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