I’m not a paid Starbucks spokesperson. Yet.

It continues. 
I am now a starbucks gold card member. If you don’t know what that mean, congratulations! You’re not a huge douche! …Also this probably means that you don’t have a massive caffeine addiction and a need to take walks on a semi-regular basis throughout the day.
Anyway, the Starbucks Gold Card (p.s. Starbucks should totally be paying me for this free-advertising) is what you get when you have 30 star rewards points in one year. Star Rewards are really easy to get; all you have to do is get a starbucks gift card and register it online. Incidentally, this is a really good way to budget yourself; set an amount to spend at starbucks every month and put it on the card. Every time you make a purchase using your gift card, you get a star. 
Et, violia! Eventually, you make 30 purchases and get a gold card. And then, your level of douche-baggery goes even higher than you thought it could ever be. Even higher than looking for fair-trade, organic, shade grown coffee made it.

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