Free Yoga Alert!

Living on the poorer side of broke makes you keep an eye out for free stuff. Usually it’s things like free food and pens. But when you love yoga as much as I do (and have trouble making practice flow alone), you tend to keep an eye out for free yoga opportunities. 

I have two for today. One is pretty immediate: Free yoga class at Barefoot Works tonight at 7:15. Be there. 

The second is not at all immediate but equally awesome. Yoga Journal Podcasts. I might have mentioned at some point that these were available but I had never tried one until last night. There are fantabulous! Only twenty minutes, but still great. You can get them through itunes or here.

I’ve been feeling under the weather lately (thanks, Kentucky) and couldn’t make myself leave my house. The gentle flow podcast was just what the doctor (and by doctor, I mean me) ordered. The best part of this (for me) was being able to stream it from by iphone. The video quality on that thing is awesome! Oh. Did I not mention the podcasts are video podcasts? They are! Which makes it doubly awesome. It’s so much easier to understand what’s going on when you can actually see it. 

So that’s my freeness update for the day. If you’re in Lexington, get yourself to barefoot works at 7:15 for a free class. If you’re not, get yourself a free yoga podcast. Basically what I’m saying is its a great day for yoga… so make that happen. 

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