I thought this was a myth. Now, I’m not so sure.

Did you ever see that Saturday Night Live skit where Will Ferrell went to a yoga class? His entire reason for doing yoga was to, um, be able to, um, …perform an intimate act on himself. Oh, hell, there’s no way to describe this in a g-rated way. Just go watch this clip.Trust me, it’s worth clicking the link. Oh and it’s probably not safe for work, so don’t watch this in your cubicle. 

So I was pretty positive that what our dear friend Will had achieved in that skit was not possible. No way. No how. 

Class tonight may have changed my mind. There was a guy in class who was clearly a very experienced yogi. I’ve had classes with him before but had somehow never noticed that when the rest of us are doing something mundane like a wide-legged standing forward fold, he takes it to the next level by going to his forearms and lifting himself to headstand.

Since I noticed that early on in class, I kept an eye on him just to see what he would do throughout the class. My diligence was rewarded at the end of class. While I was doing a simple twist, I noticed he was doing plow pose. Then, THEN, he did what can only be described as sitting his butt on his head. 

Read that again. 

Yep. That’s right. He pulled his knees beside his ears so that his bottom was only about 6 inches from his head. I promise this actually happened. I pretty certain that, even though the position is different than Mr. Ferrell’s, the same goal could have been achieved. 

Luckily it wasn’t. That would be super creepy.


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