Congratulations! …and Thanks!

Yesterday my best friend from high school got married. I’m super excited for her and loved everything about the wedding. The colors were delightfully September-ey,  the decor was sophisticated, and even the beer coordinated! Seriously, they had pumpkin spice ale. The attention to detail was amazing. 

While I loved everything (and kinda want to renew my vows and blatantly reuse every aspect of this celebration), the best thing was the food. They had vegetarian lasagna! It was delicious and, best of all, it was thoughtful. After talking with Mrs. Harper at the reception, I learned that they have several vegetarian friends and decided to offer an entrée that everyone would love. This might not seem like a huge deal, but at most celebrations we veg-a-vores are relegated to cheese cubes and bread (both of which I really like, btw). Thanks for being such great hosts, guys!

I took a lot of pictures, but I can’t find my camera cord. So the only pic I can share right now is this aerial view I snapped with my iphone. This is the reception area. As you can see, it was beautiful! 

To the Harper’s, congrats and welcome to married life!

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