Free Yoga Alert!

Living on the poorer side of broke makes you keep an eye out for free stuff. Usually it’s things like free food and pens. But when you love yoga as much as I do (and have trouble making practice flow alone), you tend to keep an eye out for free yoga opportunities. 

I have two for today. One is pretty immediate: Free yoga class at Barefoot Works tonight at 7:15. Be there. 

The second is not at all immediate but equally awesome. Yoga Journal Podcasts. I might have mentioned at some point that these were available but I had never tried one until last night. There are fantabulous! Only twenty minutes, but still great. You can get them through itunes or here.

I’ve been feeling under the weather lately (thanks, Kentucky) and couldn’t make myself leave my house. The gentle flow podcast was just what the doctor (and by doctor, I mean me) ordered. The best part of this (for me) was being able to stream it from by iphone. The video quality on that thing is awesome! Oh. Did I not mention the podcasts are video podcasts? They are! Which makes it doubly awesome. It’s so much easier to understand what’s going on when you can actually see it. 

So that’s my freeness update for the day. If you’re in Lexington, get yourself to barefoot works at 7:15 for a free class. If you’re not, get yourself a free yoga podcast. Basically what I’m saying is its a great day for yoga… so make that happen. 


I thought this was a myth. Now, I’m not so sure.

Did you ever see that Saturday Night Live skit where Will Ferrell went to a yoga class? His entire reason for doing yoga was to, um, be able to, um, …perform an intimate act on himself. Oh, hell, there’s no way to describe this in a g-rated way. Just go watch this clip.Trust me, it’s worth clicking the link. Oh and it’s probably not safe for work, so don’t watch this in your cubicle. 

So I was pretty positive that what our dear friend Will had achieved in that skit was not possible. No way. No how. 

Class tonight may have changed my mind. There was a guy in class who was clearly a very experienced yogi. I’ve had classes with him before but had somehow never noticed that when the rest of us are doing something mundane like a wide-legged standing forward fold, he takes it to the next level by going to his forearms and lifting himself to headstand.

Since I noticed that early on in class, I kept an eye on him just to see what he would do throughout the class. My diligence was rewarded at the end of class. While I was doing a simple twist, I noticed he was doing plow pose. Then, THEN, he did what can only be described as sitting his butt on his head. 

Read that again. 

Yep. That’s right. He pulled his knees beside his ears so that his bottom was only about 6 inches from his head. I promise this actually happened. I pretty certain that, even though the position is different than Mr. Ferrell’s, the same goal could have been achieved. 

Luckily it wasn’t. That would be super creepy.

Congratulations! …and Thanks!

Yesterday my best friend from high school got married. I’m super excited for her and loved everything about the wedding. The colors were delightfully September-ey,  the decor was sophisticated, and even the beer coordinated! Seriously, they had pumpkin spice ale. The attention to detail was amazing. 

While I loved everything (and kinda want to renew my vows and blatantly reuse every aspect of this celebration), the best thing was the food. They had vegetarian lasagna! It was delicious and, best of all, it was thoughtful. After talking with Mrs. Harper at the reception, I learned that they have several vegetarian friends and decided to offer an entrĂ©e that everyone would love. This might not seem like a huge deal, but at most celebrations we veg-a-vores are relegated to cheese cubes and bread (both of which I really like, btw). Thanks for being such great hosts, guys!

I took a lot of pictures, but I can’t find my camera cord. So the only pic I can share right now is this aerial view I snapped with my iphone. This is the reception area. As you can see, it was beautiful! 

To the Harper’s, congrats and welcome to married life!


Yesterday I heard that California was considering passing a law banning plastic bags. My inner enviro-warrior cheered. But the practical side of me was feeling a little “meh” about it.

Practically speaking, there are tons of laws out there. Tons. Do we (yes, I say we even though I don’t live in California) really need a new one? I really want to answer no, BUT, on the other hand I have a lot of hatred for plastic bags. I started using reusuable bags as soon as I saw them, yet, somehow, I still have about 5 million and 7 of those stupid plastic bags around my house. I reuse them as trash bin liners, I use them to pick up dog “waste”, I carry lunches in them, I put them in my car for trash… how do I still have so many when my husband and I only bring about 2 a month into the house?!?!

So because plastic grocery bags live forever, both in my house and in landfills, I would really really like it if they were phased out. But the idea of doing it by law makes me a little squeamish. It seems to me that it would be easier for individual stores to stop offering them. I know several places just around my little town that expect you to use leftover boxes they provide or bring your own bag. It’s not a hassle even if you don’t it when you go in because one leftover cardboard box will contain what it would take 30 plastic shopping bags to hold. Why can’t more stores do that? Why does there have to be a law requiring it before anything happens?

In other news, I heard this morning that the proposed law didn’t actually happen because of heavy lobbying by the chemical company that manufactures most of the plastic bags used in the US. While I’m clearly not sure about how I feel about the law, I think that is a terrible reason for it not to have happened.