Oh, the douche-baggery!

Actual conversation between myself and Hubby.

Scene: Kroger, coffee aisle. We’ve been standing there looking for whole bean coffee for approximately 3 minutes.

Me: Ooo! There’s some! …but it’s kinda expensive for crappy Kroger brand.

Hubby (pointing to starbucks brand): How about this one?

Me (turning away from coffee display): I bet they have organic, fair-trade, shade-grown in the organic foods section.

Hubby:…. (blank stare)

Me: What?

Hubby: …. (blank share)

Me: What? …I’m a huge douche, aren’t I?

Hubby: ….(nodding slowing) what the hell does shade grown mean?!?

For the record, Kroger doesn’t have shade-grown coffee and, yes, I just realized I’m a douche.


4 thoughts on “Oh, the douche-baggery!

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