So… what does your husband think?

I got my hair cut this week. It was pretty drastic and I love it!

 I’ve gotten tons of compliments and I really really like that. But I’m not totally satisfied. The very next question out of 90% of the complimenters mouth is “What does Hubby think?” And this isn’t something that I’ve observed just now. For years I’ve seen women asking other women the same question and I’m really really bothered by it. 

I know it seems like a very benign question. But it really irks me. The way the question is asked implies that its super scandalous that I got my hair cut short and there’s no way that my husband could be okay with it. Here’s the thing; I honestly don’t care what my husband thinks about my hair. It’s on my head not his. Yes, I want my husband to think I’m attractive, but I’m comfortable enough with our relationship to not worry about how he thinks my hair looks. 

For some people, the follow up question might be just a way to keep the conversation going, but for others its asked with genuine concern about the health of my relationship with my husband. What’s up with that? Why is it assumed that a woman must have consulted her significant other before changing her appearance?

Oh, and for the record, Hubby also loves the new look! 


2 thoughts on “So… what does your husband think?

  1. As a male, I like being consulted before my significant other goes to the hair chopper. Mainly because that way I'll know she went and can compliment her accordingly. On the other hand, if I don't like it (or a change in the house, etc) she takes the same tact my mother would take with dad: "Give him six months and he'll like it."

  2. Yeah, I always tell Hubby because otherwise he wouldn't notice… but that's not really the point. I like M's strategy with the 6 month rule.

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