I shaved a dog last night…

My alternate career as a dog groomer is slowing coming fruition. Last night I shaved the bear dog. Since temperatures are topping out at around 95 these days, she was getting a hot spot, and a trip to the groomers is about 75 bucks, I decided to try my hand at it. So I grabbed Sean’s oldest pair of hair clippers and started working. About an hour and 15 minutes later, this was the scene on my porch:

After everything was swept up… it’s like a dog fur rug!

And the final frame:

All in all, it went very well. She’s much less obese than I thought and the fur around her face looks like a bob! Of course, you can’t see that from this picture, but I promise it really does. 

One thought on “I shaved a dog last night…

  1. I am impressed–there is no way I could try that with our cat and live to tell the tale!By the way, check out my mom's comments about the high efficiency washers–if you decide to make your own laundry soap that is.

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