Are you freaking kidding me?!?

I have never, ever, in my entire life been as sore as I have been for the last two days. Seriously. I’ve actually been having problems walking. Even just sitting hurts.

And what do I have to thank for this? Yoga. Ashtanga yoga to be precise.

Ashtanga is tough. Really really really tough. It’s consists of the same poses you would do in any Hatha Yoga class. The twist is that Ashtanga uses 36 Hatha Yoga poses and requires them to be done in a certain order. Oh,  it’s really really physical. There are transitional moves (jump throughs) followed by plank, chattaranga, and downdog between every pose! I did about 42 down dogs in the hour and a half I was in the class.

So here’s my general impression: meh. It was super physical and I definitely got a good work out, but that’s not really what yoga is all about for me. The physical workout is the side benefit for me and, in at least this Ashtanga class, that was the focal point of the practice. The teacher was a sub, so I’ll probably give the class another try, before I write it off.


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