Dogs (Bear)

I talk a lot about the bear dogs… Usually I mean THE bear dog (aka Mufasa), but today it’s all about Squirrel- Face.

Both Mufasa and Squirrel-Face came to us from the Humane Society. Mufusa had previously lived with a family, but didn’t mesh with their other dogs (she was pretty hyper as a puppy). Squirrel-Face, on the other hand, was a stray before being rescued by the Humane Society and, ultimately, the Hubby. Squirrel-Face has a completely different personality than Mufasa; she’s skittish, she eats food so fast she clearly doesn’t taste it, and she’s really really really eager to please.

With this history, one might expect her to be a hunter. Well, I didn’t.So the first time she killed a small animal, I was pretty freaked out. The first thing I saw her catch was a squirrel. She snatched it from the top of our patio fence! It was terrible… poor squirrel. But she was super proud of herself and brought it to me. Horrified,  I screamed “get your squirrel face away from me!” At this point, I ran inside (possibly sobbing) and made Hubby deal with the squirrel issue.

I’m clearly still a little traumatized by this and that bear dog is still known as Squirrel-Face.

All this reflection on Squirrel-Face was brought on by this post from my favorite blog. It’s about the author’s foray into an IQ test for her dog. It pretty closely parallels my experience with Squirrel-Face; I’ve never given her an IQ test, I just accept that she’s not that bright. Example: when we first adopted her, she walked into our sliding glass door. Repeatedly. Example two: She ate so many coffee grounds she became violently ill. Twice.

I think you get the point. Squirrel-Face, unlike Mufasa, isn’t smart (for a dog). She’s a little slow intellectually (for a dog), but if I ever needed her to provide me with small mammals for my consumption, she would have my back. And that’s what you really need in a dog… right?


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