I’m one of those people…

You know, those people who wait in line for the release of new products or the opening of stores. I never thought I would be, but Saturday morning I somehow ended up in a line for the new Apple Store at Fayette Mall. By way of explanation, my actual presence at the store on Saturday was intentional; I was going there to buy the iPhone 4 for Hubby for our anniversary that’s coming up this week. It was the standing in line part that still confuses me; I don’t know how it happened! I assumed, wrongly, that I would stroll in, grab an iphone, and be on my merry way in a matter of minutes.

I went to the mall on Saturday morning at 9am, because I thought that’s when the mall opened. Fun fact: the mall opens then, but the stores don’t open until 10. So I went in  and was instantly bombarded with hordes of 70 year old power-walkers. I struggled through the stampeding mall walkers for a couple of minutes, then, as if by magic, the wall of senior power walkers parted and I saw it. The largest collection of under-30 socially awkward people I have ever seen in one place.

At this point, I was feeling a little nervous and not just because I’m socially awkward and a little agoraphobic. No, I was beginning to get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.Something told me this crowd of hipster misfits were all there for the same reason as I was: the Apple Store.

I kept walking and eventually made my way to the store itself. I was pretty sad when I realized it wasn’t even open yet (and neither was anything else in the mall) and a little amused when I realized that there were several deputies standing in front of it. They weren’t in line, I assume they were there in case the apple fanatics (who are known for their strength) began rioting or something.

At this point, I was ready to call it quits. Surely I could come back later and they would still have iPhones, right? That’s what I thought to myself as I walked towards the end of the line. I was really just seeing how long it was, but when I got to the end I stood there for a moment and pulled out my phone to call the Hubby. Right then, two things happened simultaneously. Some guy stood behind me and made a remark about not expecting a line and one of the Apple employs started asking me questions. I don’t really know what happened but somehow I got distracted and the next thing I knew 45 mins had passed and I had decided to just stay in the line. I also spent a great deal of time ducking being the pale-balding-guy-who-probably-left-his-house-for-the-first-time-this-year-to-go-to-the-Apple-Store-opening standing in front of me to avoid being photographed by the newspaper and videoed by the news crews. Because no one wants photographic evidence of themselves standing in line to get a product that was released a month earlier except the pale balding guy in front of me, who was posing for the cameras.

BTW this was also the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent in close proximity to Hot Topic, which is where the line ended when I somehow joined it without really noticing. By the time the store actually opened, the line was out the mall entrance and I was spending some quality time being bombarded by the bad music and overpowering perfume emitting from Hollister.

To sum up, by 11:30 I left the mall with a new iphone for Hubby, a replacement phone for me, and status as the best wife ever. But, of course all this means I missed free yoga at Woodland park. Did anyone go?


I write like…

Raymond Chandler.

I didn’t know who this was so I had to google him. His wikipedia page tells me he wrote pulp fiction and had an immense influence on the private eye genre of novels and films.

You might be wondering why this is even a discussion. Here’s why: this post and this website.Assuming you won’t click thorough to the post, it’s from one of my favorite blogs, The English Muse. Apparently, there’s this obscure website, I Write Like, that analyzes your writing and tells you what famous author you write like. It looks at things like word choice, sentence length, and writing style. A lot of people are getting Dan Brown and it’s caused quite a stir… kinda, I guess.

Anyway, I’m not sure how accurate this site is. While I write like the uber-famous Raymond Chandler, my favorite author, Flannery O’Conner, apparently writes like Daniel Defoe. And Daniel Defoe writes like David Foster Wallace.

So try the site. It’s fun… but maybe take your results with a grain of salt.

Let’s jam.

I made jam for the first time ever a few weeks ago. It was freezer jam, but it still counts.

I bought a ridiculous amount of strawberries, broke open my trusty Better Homes & Garden’s Cook Book, and got to work. About 10 minutes later, I was filling jars and about 24 hours after that I had jam! It was so easy that I can’t believe I never did it before!

Here’s the recipe:

4 cups berries                      4 cups sugar
1/2 tsp lemon peel                1  1 3/4 oz package powered fruit pectin
3/4 cup water

(1) Use a potato masher to crush berries until there are 2 cups.
(2) Mix berries, sugar, and lemon peel. Let stand for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
(3) Combine pectin and water in small saucepan. Bring to boil for 1 minute stirring constantly.

(4) Remove pectin from heat. Add to berry mixture.

(5)  Stir for 3 minutes or until sugar is dissolved and mixture is no longer grainy.

(6) Ladle into half-pint jars. Leave about 1/2 inch heads pace. Let stand for 24 hours to gel.

et voila! 

Did I mention it was also fantastic? ‘Cause it was.

Are you freaking kidding me?!?

I have never, ever, in my entire life been as sore as I have been for the last two days. Seriously. I’ve actually been having problems walking. Even just sitting hurts.

And what do I have to thank for this? Yoga. Ashtanga yoga to be precise.

Ashtanga is tough. Really really really tough. It’s consists of the same poses you would do in any Hatha Yoga class. The twist is that Ashtanga uses 36 Hatha Yoga poses and requires them to be done in a certain order. Oh,  it’s really really physical. There are transitional moves (jump throughs) followed by plank, chattaranga, and downdog between every pose! I did about 42 down dogs in the hour and a half I was in the class.

So here’s my general impression: meh. It was super physical and I definitely got a good work out, but that’s not really what yoga is all about for me. The physical workout is the side benefit for me and, in at least this Ashtanga class, that was the focal point of the practice. The teacher was a sub, so I’ll probably give the class another try, before I write it off.

Prana in the Park: Reminder

This week is Qi Gong. I have no idea what Qi Gong is, but this is what wikipedia tells me:

Qigong is the Mandarin Chinese term used to describe various Chinese system of physical and mental training for health,  martial arts  and self-enlightenment.  

For those of you who have not been following my Prana in the Park updates (shame on you!), here’s the low down:

Classes begin promptly at 10 a.m. on Saturdays in the gazebo at Woodland Park. (The gazebo is beside the pool) Bring your own mat and classes are cancelled if it rains. Oh, and it’s free!