Back in the Yoga Groove

Part of the reason for my blog hiatus is that my yoga practice hasn’t been that consistent lately. The new job and finding a new rhythm to my life and all that has interfered a little. I’ve been doing a bit of a home practice, but it hasn’t really been the same (it never is). Last week I felt like my life had stabilized enough to go back to the studio. I had planned to buy a new package at my beloved Barefoot Works, but then I saw an ad for a new-ish studio in town and their new student special. The special is 30 days for 30 dollars. It’s a pretty common special here in town and Barefoot Works has it too; I just can’t get it because I’ve been a student there waaay to long to be new.

So I went to the new studio, Bliss Wellness Center, on Wednesday. I have to say I was slightly impressed with the studio. They also do acupuncture, massage, and pilates there, so there are several spaces. The class I went to was taught by one of the assistants at my new job (I didn’t know this going in, it was just a really cool surprise) and it was really good. We did several things I’ve never done before. We used hand weights, which are basically velvet covered sandbags, to do breathing exercises at the beginning of class and to rest on our hands during savasana. I had never used these before, but now I may have a slight love affair with them. I found them to be a really good relaxation aid. The class overall, despite doing a couple of pose variations I was unfamiliar with, wasn’t that strenuous, but it was a really good class. Imagine my surprise when I woke up on Thursday morning feeling ridiculously sore and then when I woke up on Friday morning feeling even more sore. I’m still fairly stunned by this and I can’t wait to go to that class again.

My impressions of the new studio are generally good. I’ve been to one other class and I was a little underwhelmed by the teacher, but I’m keeping an open mind. After all, a bad yoga class is better than no yoga class.



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