Busy, busy, busy…

The past 2 weeks have been super-busy in my life. I’m starting my new job on Monday (yay!) and preparing to leave the old job was just exhausting! I was busier at week for the last 2 weeks than I had been in the last two months… I think that’s a little funny actually. Anyway, I’ve been super busy at work, I’ve been doing a lot of weekend traveling, I’ve had no a/c (which really cuts back on the creativity/productivity at home), and I have a few nights of birthday celebrations this week. So, blogging kinda got pushed to the side. But now I’m back with a photo-montage of the last couple of weeks… I’ll do explanatory posts soon. In the meantime you can guess what the pics are from. 


One thought on “Busy, busy, busy…

  1. I see Cuppa, Stella's, bocce (sp?), and the making of strawberry freezer jam. I've been missing your posts. Glad to have you back!!! AND GOOD LUCK ON MONDAY!!

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