Oh, how the mighty have fallen

Mufasa gets in a lot of fights. I don’t mean that she’s super aggressive or likes to eat small dogs and kids or even that she would ever act aggressively to a human (unless they were threatening me, remember that stalkers). She just doesn’t take crap from other dogs. Mufasa doesn’t take being snapped or growled at very well. She usually retaliates in kind and the “fight” is over in about 30 seconds… there was once an incident with a 6 month of Great Dane that was actually a fight and Mufusa was losing, but S. broke that up and all was well. The point of all this is that Mufusa is a seasoned fighter and she’s unaccustomed to losing.

This weekend she meet her match:

That’s my Mom’s dog Pokie. He’s an 11 year old Pekinese.

Friday night he and Mufasa had a particularly intense scuffle. After I pulled Mufasa off and Pokie was hiding in a corner trembling, I saw the blood. A LOT of blood. And I kinda freaked out. I was convinced, as was my Mom, that Mufasa had mortally wounded Pokie. While Mom was trying to search through his fur for wounds, I realized that the blood trail (for real, there was an actual trail) led to Mufasa. I started inspecting her and found that missing from her back left paw was a chunk of flesh. A chunk of flesh. And she was bleeding profusely. Mom and I sprang into action; she cleaned the blood trail and gave me horribly unhelpful instructions to the first aid supplies and I went on a wild search for the first aid supplies that were nowhere close to where she said they were. After a few hectic minutes, I had managed to expand the blood trail through the house, clean the wound with peroxide, apply Neosporin and improvise a bandage from a gauze pad and an ace bandage (yeah, I’m kinda like MacGyver).

Everything’s fine now. No infections or anything and Mufasa’s not even limping anymore. The only thing that remains from this nerve-racking event is this riddle: How does an 11 year old, 18 pound, half blind, mostly deaf, and nearly toothless Pekinese bite a 3 year old 70 pound lion dog?


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