I just saw this article at (the Lexington-Herald Leader’s website). It’s about a new internet based tv station that’s dedicated to profiling Kentucky businesses that are green. It also does segments about how to green your life. The site is

Before I go any farther, I should say that I really dislike the term “green” to mean environmentally friendly. I think it’s got some people make associations and assumption about products and ideas that are deemed “green” that make people resistant to trying these things. I know it seems like the reverse should be true, but for some people I know “green” means pretentious, expensive, and unnecessary.

If you’re one of these people, then this site is for you. It, I think, takes the bad connotations out of the word and focuses on how being environmentally friendly can save you money and help your community. If you are outraged about your electricity bill, there’s videos about how to caulk your windows and weather-strip your doors. Need a new appliance? Or maybe you just realized your refrigerator is 25 years old, runs constantly, and freezes everything. If that’s you, the site has information about Kentucky’s appliance rebate program. There’s information on the site about gardening, finding jobs in the “green” industry, profiles about individuals who promote sustainable practices, and a lot more. My favorite profile is this one; it’s about a recent college grad who moved back to Eastern Kentucky and just started a company that manufactures bio-diesel from used cooking oil. I know it sounds a little kooky, but the company provides a few jobs and makes fuel from something other than crude oil (which I think is good).

The site is also doing a “From Farm to Table” series, beginning in the fall that features Elmwood Stock Farms. In case you’re new to the blog, that’s the farm I support through their CSA program. I’m pretty excited about that because I always miss their visit the farm day and this will be a great opportunity to see the people who grow my food.

I think this is a really great site and I’m hopeful that it will make more people want to live sustainable and environmentally friendly lives. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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