Thanks, I needed that…

I’ve had a pretty exhausting few days. Long weekend, second to last week at work, restless nights, these are all adding up to me being exhausted. Allow me to elaborate.

Memorial Day weekend was, of course, wonderful. Mostly. You see, on Sunday, probably sometime Saturday night actually, my a/c broke. It started blowing only lukewarm air. It’s early June, so some of you may not understand why this is a big deal. I’m assuming if you don’t understand you don’t live in Kentucky. Or the South. It’s HOT in Kentucky right now. And humid. Hot + Humid = really uncomfortable. I feel the need to explain this because I know that not all parts of the world have humidity like we do here (and I wish I lived in one of those places), so not everyone realizes that a humid 87° F feels more like 97°F would feel inside a plastic garbage bag. It sucks. Anyway, we’ve been without a/c since Sunday and it will be at least Tuesday before we can get a new one.

On top of being hot at home, the a/c at the courthouses broke on Tuesday. So I’ve been hot at work too. Basically I’ve been hot 24 hours a day for the last 4 days. As you can guess, I haven’t been the most enjoyable person to be around. AND on top of all that, it’s been too hot to run outside, too hot to run inside, and too hot to do yoga. AND on top of that, a month long  trial started yesterday. The lawyers are all really good lawyers and I’m enjoying watching them work, but the case itself is really sad. Just watching the trial is emotionally draining; I can’t imagine living it. AND on top of all that I’ve been really cracking down on the caffeine intake—one cup of half-caff a day!

To recap: Hot at home. Hot at work. No exercise. Sad trial. Very very little caffeine.

I think we can all imagine my emotional state today. If we can’t this was it: breaking point. I thought about drinking a lot of beer but then I remembered it was too hot to run off the calories. Instead, and against every instinct I have, I went to yoga. *Sidebar: this is because they keep the yoga studio really warm to aid in stretching the muscles and I really didn’t want to go to yet another hot place.* This was the beginners class; I go because I really like the teacher. But today she wasn’t there and there was a sub. Initially I was a little sad (and hot), but then I realized that there were only going to be four people and felt a little better (still hot though). The class turned out to be what I needed. There was a lot of movement, more so than in most beginners classes, but it was still a really gentle, for lack of a better word, practice. All the movements were slow and restorative. When I told the instructor that I thought it was a great class and exactly what I needed today, she said “Thanks! I needed that.” It made me feel good to make her feel good. Post-yoga I feel a lot better about life (still hot though) and I’m much more relaxed and much less likely to burst into tears for no apparent reason.

I guess the point of this is that sometimes doing the one thing you really really really don’t want to do for whatever reason, might be the one thing you really need to do.


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