In Memory

Today is Memorial Day. Which means this weekend was a three day weekend; I enjoyed the weekend immensely, but today I also took some time to remember those who have served our country. I spent the afternoon with my Papaw, who you may remember from my Veteran’s Day post. He served in Europe during World War II where he earned a purple heart.


We also took time to remember my Granny and my Aunt Geraldine. Neither served in the military, but we like to extend the meaning of Memorial Day in my family.

Papaw, Granny, Geraldine

We also visited the grave of one of my Papaw’s good friends. While there I took the time to explore the cemetery. I found the graves of a couple of veterans who I think most everyone had forgotten.

There were a lot of graves there that were around 100 years old. And I was fascinated by this one:

The man whose stone it was died in 1920, but someone still cares enough to bring flowers and a little solar lamp. I wonder who it is? A great-great-great-great-great grand-child? I find it odd and touching all at the same time.

Oh and there was this gravestone. I thought it was neat.


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