Coming off Caffeine

I’ve gotten a few questions about how my weaning is going. All I can say is “eh.” It’s not going that badly or that well.

This weekend I managed only one cup of coffee in the morning as my source of caffeine. My favorite thing to do on weekends is drink coffee and read all morning, so the caffeine cutback is particualary hard on the weekend. And, no, decaf is not a viable option.

Anyway, the withdrawal headaches have not been terrible, but I have been fairly grumpy. Especially yesterday. Somehow lack of caffeine and being stuck in a car for 3 hours with two dogs and S didn’t make for the most fun ride. I feel like I should have seen that coming. Today, I only had one cup of coffee at work. I’m tired right now, but that could also be from the cross-state trip this weekend. My productivity seems to be improving—not spending the morning drinking coffee leaves me with lots of time to do things.

So for now, all is going pretty well. No one has lost a limb due to my grumpiness yet. So that’s something.


One thought on “Coming off Caffeine

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