Thanks for making the switch from the old blog to this one! I know you’re probably wondering why I decided to start a new one… I wish I had a better answer, but really I just wanted a new name. As I said, on the old blog this blog is basically the same. All the old posts are here and the new ones will be in the same theme. This is all about me trying to find life after law school, people!

So, what’s up with the blog title? What does this even mean?

“She fell in dead level!” I can’t even count the number of times people said that about me. For those of you who don’t know what “Falling in Dead Level” means, I’ll explain. Basically this is something that my Granny said when someone (usually me) fell or tripped when there was nothing to trip over, in other words, when the ground was dead level. 

When I was thinking about what I wanted to rename the blog, I wanted something that would capture what the blog has become. This started as sort of a yoga journal and has, quite unexpectedly, become a chronicle of my attempts to find balance. When I say balance, I mean literal balance as well as figurative balance. If you know me, you know that I’m not at all graceful. If you know me, you also know that I’m a perfectionist and I tend to obsessively focus on things in my life. So when I say, this blog has become about my attempt to find balance, what I mean is that it’s part yoga journal and part experiment in beating my tendency to obsessively focus. I guess you could say, this is me trying to focus less on the law and more on my life. My hope is that at some point I’ll actually find that place of dead level balance in my life. 
Stay tuned… this is sure to be full of hilarious failures!

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