What’s Up Dog?

Have you seen that episode of “The Office?” The one where Jim says, “Is it me or does it smell like updog in here?” to Michael and Michael, of course, responds with “What’s up dog?” and then gets the joke about 30 seconds later and spends the rest of the morning trying to replicate the joke with hilarious failures? Have you seen it? No? Here’s a link.

Believe it or not, this post has absolutely nothing to do with “The Office.” I just really like that show. The American version, I think the British version is a little depressing. Still funny, just more depressing. Anyway, this post is really about yoga. Specifically Upward Facing Dog pose or Up Dog (see “The Office” connection?) as it’s usually cued in class.

Up Dog is one of those poses that I just don’t like. Until Monday, this was because it’s usually practiced in a sun salutation flow right before down dog and moving from up dog to down dog involves rolling your feet in a way that’s uncomfortable to me. After Monday, it’s because holding this pose is ridiculously and unexpectedly hard on the abs.

For those of you who don’t know the basic Sun Salutations Flow, here it is:

And here’s Up Dog all by itself:

And here’s Cobra, which is what I normally use instead of Up Dog:

I think this may join standing splits and chair pose as one of my arch nemesis poses. It is seriously uncomfortable and, for me, not a great backbend like Cobra. On the pro side, it was really difficult and took a lot of strength to maintain, so I probably built a little muscle mass yesterday. That doesn’t mean I like it though. Maybe it will change, maybe not. If you’ve never tried this pose, click here for instructions and try it.



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