Recently a new tea café opened in Lexington. It’s called Cuppa: a Tea Café and it’s part of the Jefferson Street Revival. As a side note, the general area where the café is located is super cute and seems very friendly.

View out the window and a super cute tea pot planter

As I love all things caffeinated, I have been intending to visit for about 3 weeks. I haven’t gotten around to it because, as tends to happen, other things came up and I lost motivation. After being shamed into going by the fact that SSW, who lives in a completely different town, made it there before me, I made it a point to go on Saturday. And I didn’t regret it. This place is so cute and awesomely cozy that I want to go back every day.

The nook we sat in

Saturday I talked R, my sister-in-law, into ditching her boyfriend for the day and hanging out with me. We didn’t really have a plan, except to try Cuppa. So we drove downtown, parked, and walked (because it was a super nice day) to the café. When we walked in we were greeted by the owner and given a menu. After much consideration, we decided on a pot of Santiago tea, a caramel apple scone (for me), and a three-cheese scone (for R). The best part about getting a pot of tea, is that you get to pick out which cup and saucer you use! It’s so much fun! I picked a black a white floral design and R got a much more colorful floral design. Our tea was brought out with a timer and tea-bag holder. The tea was great; it was strawber-ey and mango-ey and delicious. And the scones were quite simply the best scones that I have ever had. My experience with scones has been less than satisfactory, they’ve always been dry and crumbly, but these were moist and delicious. R described her three-cheese scone as a much better Red Lobster Cheddar biscuit. We ended up hanging out and drinking out tea for well over an hour and, in true café fashion, there was no pressure for us to leave.

The Spread! 

I don’t think I can recommend this place enough. Even if you don’t like tea, you should give this place a try. Enjoy!

R showing off her super cute cup


One thought on “Cuppa

  1. As I said, Cuppa is amazing. I was just there this morning. I got the Lychee Peach black tea fusion and a ham&cheese scone. Glad you finally got there… a new afternoon destination for us! (I need to post about it as a walkLEX spot)I may seek to abdicate St. Arbucks from my life…

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