I’m not talking turkey or discussing my waistline. Butterball is what the Hubby is calling the coolest kitchen gadget we have ever purchased. Ever. This even beats the GarlicZoom, and that’s pretty awesome.

Chef'n GarlicZoom XL Rolling Garlic Chopper, Avacado
GarlicZoom, from Amazon.com

The Butterball is actually called a Butter Bell and it’s a 19th century French method of storing butter without refrigeration. I’ve been keeping butter outside the fridge for several months now, but have been recently foiled in this endeavor by the Bear Dogs. They LOVE to eat butter and recently knocked our $3 butter dish off the counter and broke it. Don’t worry, the butter didn’t go to waste; they ate around the shards of glass.

Since that fateful day, the day that ended my mornings of easily spreading butter on my toast, I wouldn’t say that I’ve been looking for a new butter dish. I would say that I was wistfully remembering the days when putting butter on my toast didn’t end with me eating holey toast (I refuse to use margarine for those who are wondering), but I wasn’t really doing anything to remedy the situation. Anyway, last weekend when the Hubby and I were at Mayfest in Gratz Park, the last thing I expected to buy was the coolest butter dish of all time. On the list of things I was expecting to buy: kitschy yard signs, weird wooden frogs, darning eggs, copper irrigation sculptures, and wire faeries. **Please note, I didn’t buy any of these things, but that sums up the majority of the artist offerings at Mayfest.** You can imagine my surprise when, after falling in love with an overpriced handmade coral bib necklace, I dejectedly wandered into a homemade pottery booth and found the Butter Bell. I thought it was pretty neat, but was willing to leave it behind because it was $25. Hubby on the other hand was determined to make it ours, so we pooled our remaining cash (we had also visited the farmers market that morning), and took it home.

I have to say, I was a little skeptical about how this was going to work out, but my skepticism has been proven wrong. This thing is AWESOME. It keeps my butter nice and spreadable and, best of all, the Bear Dogs haven’t figured out that there’s butter in it. You’re probably wondering how this things works, so here goes: It’s shaped kinda like a mushroom and if you take what would be the cap of the mushroom off that’s where the butter goes. Down in the stem of the mushroom, you put some water (the directions said to fill it 1/3 full) and then put the cap back on. The water (and the thick ceramic pottery) keeps the butter cool (to prevent spoilage) but warm enough to be spreadable. In case that’s confusing, and it probably is, I took some helpful pics yesterday.

The Butter Bell fully assembled
With the top flipped over for serving
A view inside or The Butter Itself


3 thoughts on “Butterball

  1. I've always kept my butter in the kitchen cabinet in a butter dish. I've heard of people putting it in the fridge but yikes – I know what it's like when it is time for a new stick of butter!This is cool, though. I like it. As for the garlic thing, I believe I read about that on the blog "Unclutterer" as being a "unitasker" – something the "Unclutterer" abhors.

  2. @ PJWB: It is a unitasker, but so is a garlic press and I think this is better. I think it's next impossible to mince/chop garlic and I use garlic in just about every meal, so it's worth it for me. @SSW: You should definitely get one! (and so should you PJWB) It's so cute!

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