Whaaa–? What’s Chirstoga?

So glad you asked. Apparently Christoga is yoga for Christians. Now maybe you’re thinking “wtf? Yoga’s not a religion. Why wouldn’t Christians be able to do “regular” yoga?” Well, check out the videos I’m going to link you to, and you’ll see that, as Pat Robertson explains, Christians can’t do yoga because the yogic mantras are Hindu and we don’t really know what they mean.

In case, you’re wondering, yes. That IS ridiculous. Yoga is not a religion and isn’t linked to any one religion. A lot of people link it to Hinduism because it originated in India, but it’s not exclusively a Hindu practice. A lot of other Eastern religions and philosophy practice yoga as a means to prepare for meditation. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a religion; yoga is a philosophy that doesn’t in any way contradict Christian tenants.

Christoga, the first video here (Pat Robertson is the second), is regular yoga. The only difference I can see is that the poses have been renamed. For example, staff pose is Moses’ staff pose. It’s a pretty fun video, so you should definitely watch it.

Anyway, I don’t know fully understand why Pat Robertson hates yoga (and having been raised Baptist, I should know), but I’m on board for Christoga if it gets more people doing yoga.


3 thoughts on “Christoga

  1. Wow–crazy. Personally, I am a Christian (not of the Pat Robertson variety), and I do yoga, staff pose and all! Great post.

  2. I am a Christian and I do NOT practice yoga. Mainly, though, because I am physically incapable of such poses. Pat Robertson is a nutjob anyway. Years ago, my mother also was opposed to my sister doing yoga on these Pat Robertson-theories too. I don't know her opinion of Christoga.

  3. It is crazy! Mostly I mean Pat Robertson… there are so many things wrong with his comments. But the Christoga video was a little crazy too. It was really just normal yoga though with biblical names instead of Sanskrit ones. I guess it's to make the Pat Robertson lovers want to do yoga. I think what surprises me most is that I didn't realize that people felt that way about yoga. It's exercise for Christ's sake!

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