So… about that ark…

Yeah. I’m going to need to build one.

It’s been raining here since Friday night. It’s now Sunday afternoon. And when I say that it’s been raining since Friday, I don’t mean that we’ve had a showers and clouds since Friday. I actually mean that it has been raining since Friday night. Non-stop. Well, it did stop for about 2 hours yesterday evening, but I don’t think that really counts… Anyway the important thing is that we’ve had over 5 inches of rain here and it’s starting to get a little flood-ey. As you can guess, it has not been an ideal weekend. I’ve got two dogs who apparently would rather “hold it” for 16 hours or so than go outside in the rain and one dog who just remembered that she’s afraid of thunder. I’m looking at you, bear dog.

Anyway, it’s been a soupy sort of weekend. (Pun intended!) Last night I made roasted red pepper and tomato soup with homemade pesto topping and eggplant goat cheese sandwiches to go with it. They were delish! So good that I had it for lunch too!



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