Where have I been?

I’ve been around. Just not in the blogging mood. I’m not quite in the mood today. I’ve got some sort of cold/allergy thing going on and it’s kinda hurting my productivity today. And by kinda I mean that I woke up had some OJ and took a morning nap. I suspect that it will be shortly followed by an afternoon nap. All this really kinda sucks since I actually do have thing staht I would like to do today… and it’s a really great day outside. The most I’m going to hope for today is a shower and energy to watch the UK v. WVU game tonight.

But here’s what I’m missing outside:


2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. You too! I too have been feeling too yucky to do anything today. And is is so lovely out. Oh well! I like the new backdrop, though.

  2. That settles it. We're some sort of weird Siamese twins who aren't conjoined… For the record, I took the afternoon nap, got energized for the game and may now spend the rest of the weekend in bed. I'm only a little sure it's the allergies cold and not game based-depression.

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