A Second Chance!

One of the great things about the new blog is that I have a second chance to do a 100th post! Yay! We all know what a fiasco the first post was, so I hope that this one will fare better. That being said, I don’t really know what to say about this 100th post.

First, I should note that this 100th post-versary comes pretty close to a year after I started this blog. And what a year it was (cue imaginary cheesy music and photo montage): I graduated from law school, got a life for the first time in three years, stopped eating meat, studied for the bar, took the bar, started a new big girl job, passed the bar, had the worst hangover of my life, aged myself 90 years, started running, got back into the habit of a daily yoga practice, cut bangs, watched 3-D movies, read Anna Karenina (still working on it!), and got a second big girl job. Big year for me. And lucky for you, it’s mostly chronicled in this blog!

Second, I again want to say thanks for reading! I really enjoy writing things that don’t involve legal reasoning and are only almost as boring. Knowing that someone out there is reading what I’m putting out, makes it even better.

Third, I didn’t get a giant sheet cake to congratulate me on the 100th post. I am thinking about getting cupcakes later this week. Let me know if you want to join me.

Fourth, I just checked my blog to get a link to the last 100th post and this is what I found: I once again missed the 100th post mark. Dammit! This is 102. But, I already wrote all this, so…. Enjoy!

P.S. I’m almost at 100 posts on the other blog, so maybe I’ll have a special super unexpected new experience for that one. Or maybe I’ll miss it and do another lame “I had a super special post planned but then I screwed it up” post. Only time will tell…


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