Where’d everything go?

You may have noticed that some recent posts are MIA. That’s because I did something that I never imagined I would do. I started a new blog. I now have two blogs. Yeah. I’m that girl.

Anyway, the new blog is specifically for The 365 Project. I kinda felt like those posts were taking away from the main goal of this blog, which is to share my love of yoga and how its changing/enriching my life. Plus, they were taking up a LOT of room. So, all The 365 Project posts (and the 300 or so that are upcoming) are here now.

Stay tuned here for some super exciting life changing news that I anticipate sharing in the coming days. Are you so curious you feel like you should invent a time machine so you can know the news ASAP? Good. And be sure to visit, The 365 Project to keep up with all my shenanigans.


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