Winter Weather


Kentucky is once again blanketed in snow. Really blanketed this time. There’s easily six inches of snow on the courthouse roof, which is directly outside my office window.

We all know by now that I really like snow. To be more precise, I love love love snow. Here’s what I don’t love though: unplowed roads. On my way to work this morning, I eschewed my normal twisty side roads shortcut and took the main roads into downtown. There was a pretty simple reason for this: It was snowing pretty hard and had been all night. I was sure that my side roads would make for some pretty difficult driving. I was equally sure that the main thruways into the heart of the city would be clear.

I was wrong. This is what the roads looked like Monday morning

Photo taken from the Kaintuckeean because I was too nervous to take a picture… and my phone takes crappy pics… and I didn’t have my camera.

On the way in, I was passed by three trucks/SUV’s with snowplows on the front of them. All of them had the plows up. This makes me wonder… is there not one single city operated snowplow around here?



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