My computer is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Which is a much too mild way of saying “the blue screen of death has come to visit.”

Unfortunately this means that the 5 or so posts I wrote a couple of days ago are trapped on my hard drive. Never fear, loyal readers, help is on the way. I’m hopeful that within the next twenty four hours a very nice tech guy will be able to recover the data on my hard drive before we have to delete and reinstall the operating system. For the record, the Hubby’s hard drive meet the same fate last night without backing the data first. But that was an emergency situation… we needed ESPN 360 ASAP because the Kentucky-Mississippi State game was starting.

The point is that the next couple of days are crucial in the life of all my digital data. Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I can report that my itunes library, every picture I have taken in the last three and a half years, all my law school and bar review outlines, cover letters, resume, etc. have been successfully recovered. If I can’t report that, I may just be sobbing in a corner somewhere.

P.S. Microsoft is now on my bad side and I will be purchasing a mac as soon as I am financially able.
P.P.S. I will also be purchasing an external hard drive or at least backing up my data periodically so that I’m no longer in danger of spending time curled in a fetal position  in the corner crying.


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