Oh, Sweet Freedom!

I got a new to-go coffee mug! And, the best part, it’s dishwasher safe!

In case you don’t know this, I despise doing dishes. Above all other things, I hate doing dishes. Hate. It. I will put anything and everything into the dishwasher. If you’re ever buying me a present, make sure it’s dishwasher safe, or I will ruin it. That’s a promise. And that’s what has happened to the approximately 38 other to-go coffee mugs I’ve owned in the last couple of years.

Travel coffee mugs, as a general rule, are not dishwasher safe. Interestingly, they are also the most impossible things to clean by hand (I know because I tried once). Who designs a cup that tapers at the bottom so that crusty bits of coffee are always trapped down there?!? After my one attempt at handwashing a travel mug, I began putting them in the dishwasher regardless of the fact that they all very clearly say “not dishwasher safe” (it’s really the only way to get them clean). Since I always got free coffee mugs, it didn’t really matter to me that they all ended up smelling like cheese (so says the Hubby) or with water trapped between the walls. It’s funny, though, how westlaw and lexisnexis quit giving you free coffee mugs after you graduate from law school. And when that happens, and all your other mugs leak, sound like the ocean when you take a drink, and smell like cheese, suddenly you’re faced with the scary proposition of buying your own travel coffee mug that you’ll render useless and slightly gross smelling in a short amount of time.

All I can say is thank god for Aladdin brand travel mugs and Kroger. I stumbled across this mug (I got a less girly looking on for the Hubby) while in the coffee aisle at Kroger. Apparently it’s also made of 85% recycled materials and is bpa free, but that’s all extraneous to me—Aladdin, you had me at dishwasher safe.

P.S. This also keeps your drink warm for an extraordinarily long amount of time…


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