Appreciate yourself and honor your soul

Sometimes I think we all need to remember this.

*Title courtesy of yogi tea.


Backing it up

I learned a very important lesson last week. No one is immune from the blue screen of death. … I guess mac users are, but no one else!

Lucky for me, a very nice tech guy was able to repair my corrupt boot file and save all my data. But I don’t like playing with fire, so I bought an external hard drive and backed up my computer last night. It took forever. Really really forever. So long that I had to leave it backing up overnight. Now its done and I feel much more secure knowing that my digital existence won’t be erased.

So… go ahead. Back up your computer. Do it now!

Nature is a giver, a true friend, and a sustainer

I’m an environmentalist. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that or if I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s true. I’ve been an environmentalist since I was a kid and honestly I don’t understand why everyone isn’t into conservation, etc. I really just don’t get it—recycling doesn’t take a lot of effort and reusing things takes zero effort. I have a theory. Protecting the environment has become a political issue, and, I think, people who might otherwise say “you know what? I really like to see trees and having clean drinking water, maybe I shouldn’t be so wasteful” are instead thinking “if I buy an aluminum water bottle, I’m a communist.”

Anyway, the title of this post was on my yogi tea tag and it made me think about why I’m an environmentalist. To be short and sweet, the reason is that I believe the title. I grew up in the Appalachian mountains in southeastern Kentucky and I spent a lot of my childhood hiking the mountain behind my house. By no means am I a crazy survivorman type of hiker, but I spent a large amount of time in nature and I learned a lot from being in nature. It’s easy to forget, in our modern lives, that we couldn’t live without the things we get from the earth (like oxygen). So this particular cup of tea reminded me that sometimes I just need to appreciate the simple and forgotten things in life.

What’s your yoga style?

I just found this quiz at yoga It’s a what’s-style-of-yoga-is right-for-you quiz. I like to try all different kinda of classes but ultimately love vinyasa. If you don’t want to try lots of different things or of you just want to have some fun, give the quiz a try.

In other news, I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule soon. So expect a flood of updates!

Winter Weather


Kentucky is once again blanketed in snow. Really blanketed this time. There’s easily six inches of snow on the courthouse roof, which is directly outside my office window.

We all know by now that I really like snow. To be more precise, I love love love snow. Here’s what I don’t love though: unplowed roads. On my way to work this morning, I eschewed my normal twisty side roads shortcut and took the main roads into downtown. There was a pretty simple reason for this: It was snowing pretty hard and had been all night. I was sure that my side roads would make for some pretty difficult driving. I was equally sure that the main thruways into the heart of the city would be clear.

I was wrong. This is what the roads looked like Monday morning

Photo taken from the Kaintuckeean because I was too nervous to take a picture… and my phone takes crappy pics… and I didn’t have my camera.

On the way in, I was passed by three trucks/SUV’s with snowplows on the front of them. All of them had the plows up. This makes me wonder… is there not one single city operated snowplow around here?



My computer is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Which is a much too mild way of saying “the blue screen of death has come to visit.”

Unfortunately this means that the 5 or so posts I wrote a couple of days ago are trapped on my hard drive. Never fear, loyal readers, help is on the way. I’m hopeful that within the next twenty four hours a very nice tech guy will be able to recover the data on my hard drive before we have to delete and reinstall the operating system. For the record, the Hubby’s hard drive meet the same fate last night without backing the data first. But that was an emergency situation… we needed ESPN 360 ASAP because the Kentucky-Mississippi State game was starting.

The point is that the next couple of days are crucial in the life of all my digital data. Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I can report that my itunes library, every picture I have taken in the last three and a half years, all my law school and bar review outlines, cover letters, resume, etc. have been successfully recovered. If I can’t report that, I may just be sobbing in a corner somewhere.

P.S. Microsoft is now on my bad side and I will be purchasing a mac as soon as I am financially able.
P.P.S. I will also be purchasing an external hard drive or at least backing up my data periodically so that I’m no longer in danger of spending time curled in a fetal position  in the corner crying.