To be calm is the greatest achievement of the self

To those of you who know me, I bet you think I have no problem with this. I’m generally very quiet, tend to avoid confrontation, and don’t really ever lose my temper.

Newsflash: I actually do have a pretty terrible temper, I’m not actually that quiet, and sometimes I like confrontation.

Like everyone else, maybe actually more so than those of you who are very energetic or don’t repress emotion, I have issues with staying calm. I find that I’m pretty good with emergency situations and seem to remain rational when others are freaking out, but I do have a very hard time staying calm when upset. By upset I mean sad, mad, etc. And by hard-time-staying-calm, I mean that I often get in to such a state that I say or do things and don’t really remember what I did and/or said. It kinda sucks. So I should really work on this and I really do think it would probably be one of my greatest achievements!


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