The Soul is Projection. Represent it.

I don’t really know what this means. This is yet another of my yogi tea tag quotes. It spoke to me this morning, even though I don’t really know what it means. The Hubby and I even had a conversation about it (which is unusual really). After doing some thinking, I’ve decided that, to me, this little bit of tea wisdom means that you soul is what you show to the world. I think that sounds a little backward since we all think about the soul being what’s inside you. And maybe it is a little backward, but here’s what I’m thinking: It doesn’t really matter if you think that you’re a charitable, good-natured person (or whatever your perception of yourself is). What matters is what you project to world. If you think you’re charitable and good natured but you never donate your time or money to others and you’re always grouchy to everyone, what you actually are is selfish and grouchy. I’m not saying that I think you can change your soul just by pretending to be something you’re not. What I’m trying to say is that the person you are to the rest of the world when you’re not trying to be anything is what your soul actually is.


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