New Things in Blog Land

Don’t be confused. This isn’t yet another “365 Days of New Things” post. This is all about the new things on my blog!

To start with, there is the “365” series. As a direct result of that series, I decided to start using labels. So in the right hand bar there’s now a coup d’oeil section. Coup d’oeil loosely translates from French as “at a glance.” I thought it was fitting as the labels help you find things at a glance. You may have noticed that I once again have a new background for the blog… I’m going to try to personalize this one a little and hang on to it. There’s also an RSS feed (that’s at the top of the right-hand bar).

That’s all for now. But you can expect a few new things in the upcoming weeks and days. I’m planning to add a list of completed knitting items with pictures, a list of “perfected” yoga poses, and a list of recommended readings. I’m also planning to personalize the background and I’m trying to come up with a new name that more accurately encompasses what the blog has evolved into… any suggestions would be welcome.

Hope this post (and all the others) find you warm and toasty!


2 thoughts on “New Things in Blog Land

  1. You've always had an RSS feed; that's how I've read your blog! (I use Google Reader – it is awesome!)Your background shows up to me as white.

  2. That's because it is white. Now anyway… it was pink and green for a while. And I know I always had an RSS feed, but I didn't think it was cleary marked.

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