I am resolved.

Generally, I try not to make New Year’s resolutions. I think they just set you up for disappointment because no one ever really fulfills them. Of course, I also think that most people make completely unrealistic resolutions like “I will love 75 pounds this year” or “I will walk on the moon this year.” So I have three resolutions and they’re definitely do-able resolutions. Here they are:

1. Eat more healthy (no more dinners made only of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies), yoga at least 6 days a week, and run at least 5 days a week.

I know this might sound a little ambitious but it’s really not. I eat pretty healthy right now, but I could stand to cut back on the French fries and cookies. As for yoga and running I already do this too, but I think adding a day minimum will give me motivation to keep it up.
2. De-Clutter my life. 
I’m not actually sure what this one entails yet…. I know it definitely means literally declutter my life; I’m a bit of  a pack rat and tend to hold on to things that I think I might need again even though I really never will. I’m looking at you, retainer from 2nd grade. 
But I know that there are other less literal ways I need to declutter, so this is also about decluttering my mind and spirit too.
And now moving on to a less new-agey/hippy resolution…
3. Try something new every day. 
Yes, this one is admittedly ambitious. But I’m hanging on to it anyway. I think this will be a good way to challenge myself and open my mind a little. By something new , I don’t mean something just really over-the-top, like bear wrestling, every day, just something new even if it’s mundane, like a cafe mocha.
Oh and here’s the best part of this last one… It’s going to be a blog series! That means you can laugh at me share my pain when I try something ridiculous like kick-boxing and end up punching myself in the face.


5 thoughts on “I am resolved.

  1. I will help you declutter (and yes, by declutter I mean I want to hang out while you decide you dont want things and then I will take them home with me)!-RA

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