Top 10 Events in Martha’s 2009

Yes, this is my obligatory Best of 2009 year end blog post. Enjoy!

1. Our three year wedding anniversary–I realize that this isn’t a milestone anniversary for most couples, but most couples aren’t us. Here’s a quick summary of my and the Hubby’s relationship: We meet on April Fool’s Day 2006, we get engaged on May 21, 2006, got married on July 29, 2006, and I started law school approximately 2 weeks after that. So for us, this is a milestone… we made it through law school and that’s a huge accomplishment considering my constant state of extreme stress during those three years.

2. I find a great yoga studio and start practicing again. 

3. I graduate from law school! WooHoo! Unfortunately, I can’t find a pic of me on graduation day… if anyone has one let me know!

4. I take the bar. And have the worst summer of my life.

On a related note… my kitchen now has cabinet doors!
5. I’m still married after taking the bar… Don’t laugh. It was a terrible terrible three months for me and everyone even remotely connected to me.
5. I pass the bar! Keeping with my character, I drink a little too much that night…
6. My niece turns two... and finally learns my name. I’m also now her favorite person 🙂 Deep down I know this is because I bring the Hubby and the bear dogs to her, but I like to pretend she really likes me.
7. I promise that I never have and never will duel and become a member of the Kentucky Bar Association. Unfortunately, no one in my family sees this event despite being at the Supreme Court for that very reason. Apparently, the Hubby thought it was happening a half an hour later than it did.
8. I start knitting… and instantly age myself 57 years.
Pre- Knitting:
Two minutes after picking up my knitting needles for the first time:

9. I start baking bread obsessively… and add another 20 years or so to my age. 

10. I join two trends I’ve been resisting for many many years: I got a pair of Uggs (short for ugliest boots ever) and start blogging.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Events in Martha’s 2009

  1. Wow–I am starting to think we are scarily alike. I have been bread baking, knitting, and (slowly) getting back into yoga. I also used to make fun of people who had blogs. Oh, my marriage also miraculously made it through law school! I didn't realize you got married right before law school, though–so brave!

  2. Wow. We're basically the same person! Yes, I realize now that getting married two weeks before law school started was probably not the best idea in the world, but at the time I thought it was brillant! Because then I wasn't trying to plan my wedding while I was in law school. I notice you didn't include anything about Uggs in your list though… I wish I didn't love/hate them.

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