I’ve been relaxing

I’m sure that the Hubby will disagree with the title of this post. But there’s a good reason for that: I have (admittedly) been in a very bad mood today and I’ve been doing a LOT today. So it may not actually have seemed like I was relaxing, but really I was in relaxation prep mode.

This morning I woke up and scraped together a breakfast. As we haven’t grocery shopped in about two weeks I think I did well in managing to make biscuits, eggs, and veggie sausage. After that I ran about a mile and a half, showered, and prepared for grocery shopping. With my restocked pantry, I made lunch and then went to the dog park for a while. This was all great, but it’s the post-dog park activities that were really relaxing for me.

After the dog park, the Hubby left to go to a UK basketball game (Go Cats!) and I decided to do some baking. That was less than two hours ago and in that time I’ve whipped up some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, have dough rising for a French bread baguette, and am christening my Le Creuset-style pot with some vegan potato leek soup. In about an hour everything (including the bread) will be completely finished. In the meantime, I plan to work on some mittens I’m knitting and watch some craptastic TV.

Here’s hoping whatever you’re doing is as relaxing as what I’m doing! Namaste.

P.S. Thanks to a comment from Sister-in-Law I learned that my computer (which I’ve had and used extensively for three years) has a built in card reader. Knowing that makes it really easy to upload pics now. Thanks Sister-in-Law!


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