There can be only one.

We’re finally back from our Christmas tour of Kentucky! In the last 5 days I have spent approximately 10.5 hours in a car and traveled through most of Kentucky and southern Indiana…. whew! I am exhausted. But the trip was worth it; we got to see family and friends and we got presents!

In case you were wondering, my subtle hints about getting a new camera worked! A little too well maybe since I got two! Here’s one:

And here’s the other:
Since there can be only one there was a bit of a camera war this weekend. I’ll let you guess which I kept, but lets just say one was a clear winner. 
In other news, here’s a photo synopsis of our weekend (well from Friday on, anyway):

And now, proof that the bear dog does not actually eat small children:
On the yoga front, not much happened this week. But I am definitely getting back into the habit tomorrow. Yeah. Definitely.

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