All I want for Christmas

Welcome to the first annual, Martha’s Christmas gift giving guide. These are mostly things that I want, but I’m sure someone else you know would want them too. Enjoy!

For the yogi in your life:
A Hugger Mugger Terra Mat
For the yogi in your life who has giant-bear-dogs-that-ate-her-last-yoga-blocks:
Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block
For the forgetful friend who never remembers that they made plans with you before its too late:
Moleskine Daily Planner
For the person on your list who really needs therepy but whose health insurance doesn’t cover it (or maybe they just like to write):
Orvis Leatherbound Journal
For the former gym junkie who now only has a treadmill and handweights to work out with:
Super Cool Wii Game with Jenny McCarthy and a Camera so that you become part of the game
For the not to be named person whose camera disappeared somewhere in her house never to be found again and who has been subtly hinting for 3 months that they would like a new camera:
Cannon PowerShot S90
I saved the best for last. The Ultimate in Gift Giving:

The JCrew Cashmere of the Month Club!

3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas

  1. Option #1: Shall we do an Xmas gift exchange? Particularly appealing as I already have yours picked out! :-)Option #2: Do you still want that Moleskine 2010 Planner?

  2. PJWB: We can do a gift exchange if you want something knitted. That's what I'm making everyone this year… or cookies. You can pick. As for the planner, is it exactly like the one we had last year? I'm thinking I want a smaller size this year. SSW: I am lusting, yes lusting, after the Cashmere of the Month Club. I don't have a prayer of getting it as a gift, but just thinking about it has changed my world. FYI: There's also a shoe of the month and jewelry of the month club.

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