First Snow!

This is my favorite day of the year. No, I don’t mean December 5th of every year. I mean the first snow of every year and today is that day. It’s even better because I had absolutely no idea that snow was even a possibility! I just woke up and looked in the direction of the window. The bear dogs apparently read my mind and at that point pulled back the drapes to reveal…. a snow covered world!

If I had a camera, I could put up some pictures of this beautiful morning…. but I don’t. [Insert very subtle hint about getting a new camera for Christmas here]

I’ve decided to spend the day like any 95 year old woman normal person on a crisp snowy day. I plan to spend copious amounts of time sitting on the couch drinking tea, knitting, and baking bread. If I feel frisky, I may even put up my Chirstmas decorations.

Assuming the excitement of the day doesn’t kill me, expect a life update on the morrow!


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