Top 10 Events in Martha’s 2009

Yes, this is my obligatory Best of 2009 year end blog post. Enjoy!

1. Our three year wedding anniversary–I realize that this isn’t a milestone anniversary for most couples, but most couples aren’t us. Here’s a quick summary of my and the Hubby’s relationship: We meet on April Fool’s Day 2006, we get engaged on May 21, 2006, got married on July 29, 2006, and I started law school approximately 2 weeks after that. So for us, this is a milestone… we made it through law school and that’s a huge accomplishment considering my constant state of extreme stress during those three years.

2. I find a great yoga studio and start practicing again. 

3. I graduate from law school! WooHoo! Unfortunately, I can’t find a pic of me on graduation day… if anyone has one let me know!

4. I take the bar. And have the worst summer of my life.

On a related note… my kitchen now has cabinet doors!
5. I’m still married after taking the bar… Don’t laugh. It was a terrible terrible three months for me and everyone even remotely connected to me.
5. I pass the bar! Keeping with my character, I drink a little too much that night…
6. My niece turns two... and finally learns my name. I’m also now her favorite person 🙂 Deep down I know this is because I bring the Hubby and the bear dogs to her, but I like to pretend she really likes me.
7. I promise that I never have and never will duel and become a member of the Kentucky Bar Association. Unfortunately, no one in my family sees this event despite being at the Supreme Court for that very reason. Apparently, the Hubby thought it was happening a half an hour later than it did.
8. I start knitting… and instantly age myself 57 years.
Pre- Knitting:
Two minutes after picking up my knitting needles for the first time:

9. I start baking bread obsessively… and add another 20 years or so to my age. 

10. I join two trends I’ve been resisting for many many years: I got a pair of Uggs (short for ugliest boots ever) and start blogging.


I’ve been relaxing

I’m sure that the Hubby will disagree with the title of this post. But there’s a good reason for that: I have (admittedly) been in a very bad mood today and I’ve been doing a LOT today. So it may not actually have seemed like I was relaxing, but really I was in relaxation prep mode.

This morning I woke up and scraped together a breakfast. As we haven’t grocery shopped in about two weeks I think I did well in managing to make biscuits, eggs, and veggie sausage. After that I ran about a mile and a half, showered, and prepared for grocery shopping. With my restocked pantry, I made lunch and then went to the dog park for a while. This was all great, but it’s the post-dog park activities that were really relaxing for me.

After the dog park, the Hubby left to go to a UK basketball game (Go Cats!) and I decided to do some baking. That was less than two hours ago and in that time I’ve whipped up some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, have dough rising for a French bread baguette, and am christening my Le Creuset-style pot with some vegan potato leek soup. In about an hour everything (including the bread) will be completely finished. In the meantime, I plan to work on some mittens I’m knitting and watch some craptastic TV.

Here’s hoping whatever you’re doing is as relaxing as what I’m doing! Namaste.

P.S. Thanks to a comment from Sister-in-Law I learned that my computer (which I’ve had and used extensively for three years) has a built in card reader. Knowing that makes it really easy to upload pics now. Thanks Sister-in-Law!

There can be only one.

We’re finally back from our Christmas tour of Kentucky! In the last 5 days I have spent approximately 10.5 hours in a car and traveled through most of Kentucky and southern Indiana…. whew! I am exhausted. But the trip was worth it; we got to see family and friends and we got presents!

In case you were wondering, my subtle hints about getting a new camera worked! A little too well maybe since I got two! Here’s one:

And here’s the other:
Since there can be only one there was a bit of a camera war this weekend. I’ll let you guess which I kept, but lets just say one was a clear winner. 
In other news, here’s a photo synopsis of our weekend (well from Friday on, anyway):

And now, proof that the bear dog does not actually eat small children:
On the yoga front, not much happened this week. But I am definitely getting back into the habit tomorrow. Yeah. Definitely.

On a cold winter day…

Okay. So it’s not really that cold. But it is winter. And there is snow on the ground and in the air. Not as much snow as I was hoping for, but there is some snow.

I have to admit I’m a little disappointed by the general lack of snow, but still loving what we have. I think I’ve mentioned how much I LOVE snow, but in case I haven’t… I LOVE snow. There’s nothing like snow to transform a cold winter day to a bright cuddly winter day. 🙂

A beautiful winter scene… not today. 

That being said, I’m spending this cold winters day (a day which I would illustrate with pictures, if I had a camera) watching the snow from my couch, knitting, and occasionally getting up to do laundry. Oh and dressing my dogs in people clothes. Yes, I’m THAT girl… Judge me all you want. I think a dog in people clothes is hilarious. 

The bear dog not wearing people clothes sometime last winter. 

It’s pretty much the perfect Saturday. Except for the fact that my plan was to make everyone presents and I don’t really have the motivation to bake and package today. Which would be fine except Christmas is 6 days away… so maybe people are getting IOU’s this Christmas… we’ll see.

It’s time for me to get back to doing nothing! Enjoy your day doing the same!

Be Happy So Long as Breath is Within You

That’s what the tag on my yogi immune support tea said today. I liked it and I think it really puts things into context these days.

It’s pretty easy to stress and worry about things in life that matter but that don’t REALLY matter. For example, it’s kinda a big deal that my car’s transmission is broken and I can’t afford to fix but it’s not as big a deal as, say, not breathing. I think that sometimes, a lot of times for me, one needs to refocus and realize that what we’re worried about is really nothing to worry in the grand scheme of things. I have a broken transmission, but that’s really the only problem I have. I have a warm home, food, and a family to love. That makes me a lot more fortunate than others. And I’m not rubbing that in, I’m just saying when it comes to what’s real in this life, I have it all. My life’s not perfect, no one’s is, but I have a lot to be thankful for.  Luckily my tea reminded me of that.

All I want for Christmas

Welcome to the first annual, Martha’s Christmas gift giving guide. These are mostly things that I want, but I’m sure someone else you know would want them too. Enjoy!

For the yogi in your life:
A Hugger Mugger Terra Mat
For the yogi in your life who has giant-bear-dogs-that-ate-her-last-yoga-blocks:
Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block
For the forgetful friend who never remembers that they made plans with you before its too late:
Moleskine Daily Planner
For the person on your list who really needs therepy but whose health insurance doesn’t cover it (or maybe they just like to write):
Orvis Leatherbound Journal
For the former gym junkie who now only has a treadmill and handweights to work out with:
Super Cool Wii Game with Jenny McCarthy and a Camera so that you become part of the game
For the not to be named person whose camera disappeared somewhere in her house never to be found again and who has been subtly hinting for 3 months that they would like a new camera:
Cannon PowerShot S90
I saved the best for last. The Ultimate in Gift Giving:

The JCrew Cashmere of the Month Club!